Nuptial Nest Lesson 2 – I Got Pinned

Welcome to the Nuptial Nest, aka my blog. I’ve decided to go through all the weddings I’ve ever worked and discuss a lesson I’ve learned from each of those weddings – be it a life lesson, a lesson about how to be a better wedding planner, or a lesson to future clients. No topic is off limits – let’s get into the dirty details of weddings! *no brides were harmed in the creation of this blog*

Nuptial Nest Lesson 2 – I Got Pinned

Picture it – Spring, Brooklyn, New York. Gorgeous setting, even more gorgeous weather, and gorgeous clients. This wedding was incredibly unique – the bridal party was getting ready at a hotel in Manhattan, the ceremony was in Brooklyn on the beach, and the reception was back in Manhattan, at a loft space/photo studio. All in all, very bespoke and special.

I thought I had prepped myself enough to be a wedding planner – I learned how to use floor plan/seating software to create seating charts to scale, I learned how to take care of flowers, I even learned how to tie a tie and a bowtie for the gentlemen in the wedding party.

I forgot one little thing – I never learned how to attach a boutonniere! Mildly important. It didn’t even occur to me when I was prepping to open my own shop. I was more concerned with making sure the venue looks great, the vendors are timing things out properly, and the DJ/Band were sending out great vibes. Imagine my embarrassment when the florist watched me try and pin a boutonniere onto the groom and groomsmen! The struggle was so real, she could see my face turn absolutely beet red.

Lesson learned: how to pin a boutonniere on. Also, never let the groom & groomsmen pin on their own, have them wait for the planner/florist to do it before walking down the aisle. The key here is to put the pins in at the back of the lapel, through the flower, and then back through the fabric. We’re aiming to make the boutonniere look as though it’s magically floating on the lapel.

For anyone interested, here are some Youtube videos that I’ve found invaluable when learning to do these little things.

How to pin on a boutonniere

How to tie a tie

How to tie a bowtie

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