The link between Wellness and Weddings

The link between Wellness and Weddings

Why the combination of both wedding planning and wellness? Excellent question, truly. Upon first glance, it might not make much sense. But it does to me.

I have several different ideas and answers to that question:

  1. Passion(s). I have a deep passion for helping people, and a deep knack for organization and planning. Both aspects of myself combined lend themselves extraordinarily well towards wedding and event planning. I also have a passion for living healthfully, being a human guinea pig towards all the latest health trends and being a self-proclaimed gym nut.
  2. I adore helping clients, and the original spark that drove this combined idea was my clients trying to get “fit for the wedding” that I was assisting to plan. I wanted to help my clients in ALL aspects of their lives and become even more involved. While I don’t love pushing this idea onto clients, having it available definitely gives me peace of mind that I’m available for clients that want it.
  3. Weddings, and events in general, are marathon days. It takes mental acuity, stamina, and clear-headedness to execute an event to (near) perfection. For me to have the stamina to run around and be a task-monkey for 20 hours at a time, I need to be healthy physically and feel sharp mentally. I noticed that on days where I take amazing care of myself (sleep, hydrate, eat real & whole foods, exercise) I am a much better wedding planner. On days where I do not exercise my body and choose to eat process foods that I know do not agree with me, I am mentally and physically sluggish and it takes much more effort for me to execute an event. It’s a waste!

This combination really makes sense to me, and I can only work to translate it to my wonderful & gorgeous clients.

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