Consistently Creating Habits

Consistently Building that Routine

A recurring theme that I’ve been noticing in life lately is the theme of consistency, rituals, and habits. Gabe (the husband) and I were chatting late one evening, and I was commenting on how my body’s been changing recently just from my consistency at the gym. I haven’t been reinventing the wheel, lifting any particularly heavy weights, or doing any sort of extended cardio at all. From an outsider’s perspective, my workouts have been quite “mellow” and capping out at about 75% of my maximum energy expenditure. But, still, I’m seeing real, true, honest results after just two weeks. That’s when we discussed that real results come from consistency.

Consistently moving your body 5 times per week at 75% of max effort is better than working out 2-3 times per week at 100% (math adds up, folks. 5×75% = 375%, where 3×100% = 300%). Similarly, my acupuncturist (shoutout to WTHN Flatiron) and I were discussing how my commitment to taking taking my herbal supplements DAILY, not just when I remember, has transformed my deep sleep. On a similar thread, there are multiple studies that prove consistently doing 5 minutes of meditation daily is much more effective than doing 25 minutes every Sunday afternoon, when you “have the time.”

There’s a theme here, guys. Consistency. Ritual. Habit.

It’s not motivation that walks my feet into my sneakers to exercise, get those supplements into my mouth, and my butt onto a meditation cushion. Motivation comes and goes. Habits and consistency are much, much stronger than motivation.

A client and I were discussing how to get that motivation to wake up early and exercise. This client said, “I just don’t have the motivation when the alarm goes off, it’s too easy to sleep in.” It absolutely is!! Motivation doesn’t do the work, drive you to your job, and handle your business. It’s consistency, habit, and the desire to build that habit, even just a little bit.

What are ways that you build routine, rituals, habits, and consistency into your daily life to establish a healthful lifestyle? What do you do on “robot mode” that plays into wellness for you?

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