Nuptial Nest Lesson 6 – Be Prepared

Welcome to the Nuptial Nest, aka my blog. I’ve decided to go through all the weddings I’ve ever worked and discuss a lesson I’ve learned from each of those weddings – be it a life lesson, a lesson about how to be a better wedding planner, or a lesson to future clients. No topic is off limits – let’s get into the dirty details of weddings! *no brides were harmed in the creation of this blog*

Once I reached working my sixth wedding, I realized that I knew everything there is to know about the wedding industry.

Clearly that’s a joke.

My clients were having an honestly glorious day. The ladies were getting ready at a hotel down the street from the ceremony venue, and all was going swimmingly well. The makeup artists were professional, quick, and did extraordinary work.

Until the receiving line.

This was my first time organizing a receiving line after a ceremony, which wasn’t nearly as strenuous as I thought it would be. The only issue is 150+ individuals hugging and kissing the bride.

[Sidebar: this is so hard to imagine in a post-COVID era]

After greeting all her adoring fans… err, guests… the bride’s makeup decided to leave her face. Almost all her blush, contour, highlighter, and concealer had moved, smudged, and just left. I went in to automatic “fix it” mode, hid in a small room, and began my work to adjust the smudges. Luckily, I had an arsenal of products with me since I did my own personal makeup in the car that morning.

Lesson learned: Even if you think you don’t need a certain item – BRING IT. Being overprepared is never, ever a problem and this was certainly solidified this day. I always have spare band-aids, bobby pins, safety pins, Advil with me. Now, I carry nearly every shade of concealer, nail polish, blush, and various tones of highlighter with me to ensure my clients continue to look flawless well into the evening.

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