Nuptial Nest Lesson 7 – When Work Imitates Life

Nuptial Nest Lesson 7 – When Work Imitates Life

Welcome to the Nuptial Nest, aka my blog. I’ve decided to go through all the weddings I’ve ever worked and discuss a lesson I’ve learned from each of those weddings – be it a life lesson, a lesson about how to be a better wedding planner, or a lesson to future clients. No topic is off limits – let’s get into the dirty details of weddings! *no brides were harmed in the creation of this blog*

Many service-based industries are more about human management than anything else. In many cases, it really does imitate the way we manage our own inner circle – family, friends, acquaintances.

A beautiful May wedding, a gorgeous couple. The venue was perfect, and the vendors were coming in to set up their stations for the reception. The DJ brought a large booth, uplighting, and a fog machine. The videographer brought over their own photobooth. I always love when we can get a couple of different services from one vendor.

During vendor set-up, we had quite an altercation between the DJ regarding their setup area, and the videographer regarding their photobooth setup area. They were competing against outlets, space, and lighting. My main concern was making sure my clients weren’t bothered by the issue during their first look, and I was hoping we could figure out a solution on our own.

After loads of conversations, some energy exchanged, and dancing around getting the rest of the reception set up, the vendors sorted their logistical issues and we were able to get the venue set up perfectly. The music was fun, the entire wedding was on the dance floor the entire evening, and everyone loved the photobooth. Much like in life, managing conflict and finding a good solution for all parties involved. Active listening and some compassion go a loooong way in handling issues that arise and finding solutions that make everyone happy.

Lesson Learned: adapt people skills to weddings, and adapt wedding skills to people.

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