Nuptial Nest Lesson 8 – Untraditional Fun

Nuptial Nest Lesson 8 – Untraditional Fun

Welcome to the Nuptial Nest, aka my blog. I’ve decided to go through all the weddings I’ve ever worked and discuss a lesson I’ve learned from each of those weddings – be it a life lesson, a lesson about how to be a better wedding planner, or a lesson to future clients. No topic is off limits – let’s get into the dirty details of weddings! *no brides were harmed in the creation of this blog*

Up until this point in my career, I had been focusing on super traditional weddings. Ceremony (either in a separate religious institution or not), cocktail hour, plated dinner, structured dancing. Don’t get me wrong, these are SO much fun to attend and even more fun to organize. The first time I was tapped to coordinate an untraditional, off-the-cuff event, I was nervous. But boy, oh boy, was it fun.

Removing some of the societal/family pressures that are involved with something that’s more traditional really allowed the happy couple to be just that – a happy couple. They hung around their friends, joked with family members, and didn’t care about flowers being askew, or a guest or two being late, or a chair being off-center. It was exciting to see a couple enjoy their day so deeply.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, untraditional and off-the-cuff is better than the original. Be the structure for clients when all they want is a lack of structure, which is a beautiful thing.

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