Nuptial Nest Lesson 12 – Health Above All Else

Nuptial Nest Lesson 12: Health Above All Else

Once upon a time, in a land far East (aka Long Island), I was working a wedding for a lovely couple. In the past, I have not had much guest interaction, aside from assisting a few grandparents to their seats, or answering questions regarding locations or directions.

This wedding was so easy, so wonderful. It was a rather large wedding, and I was busy tending to the huge bridal party of 32 (yes, you read that correctly). The ceremony went off without a hitch, and we were prepping for the entrance into the reception room by bustling the gown, taking out the veil, and doing a quick touch-up.

I run out of the room for a brief moment to fetch something for our stunning bride, and then I hear a *CRASH* and a boatload of commotion. A few feet away, a guest had clutched her heart, and fainted in the middle of the room. I secretly said a “thank goodness the bride and groom are relaxing right now” and rushed over to see what happened. Staff and I helped her to a chair, called 911 very quickly, and calmed down the rest of the wedding party. Once I saw she was in capable hands with the venue staff, I ran to my clients to make sure they were alright. A bridesmaid had told them what happened, so my job was then to assess, take care, and calm the situation. At this point, the situation is making sure my clients are alright and they knew who it was, and that the guest was being seen to by professionals.

Luckily, everyone was fine in the end, but there are two Lessons Learned this day. 1 – Health above all else. 2 – Anything can happen, at any time, and to always be “on” during a wedding. Weddings are long, and your wedding staff is “on” anywhere from 12-20 hours per day. I’m incredibly glad we were able to help all parties involved and everyone is safe and healthy.

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