Nuptial Nest Lesson 13 – Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dirty

Nuptial Nest Lesson 13 – Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dirty

I’m never afraid to get my hands dirty when it comes to… well… anything. Be it a project, a personal training session, a workout (I will burpee anywhere, anytime).

In fact, there is more fun to be had and more accomplishment involved when you do get dirty.

I was hired by clients that had a whole wedding weekend at campground in the woods. Now, all my friends know that this is NOT my style at all. I’m prissy, never been camping, and love the finer things in life. However, this wedding was probably one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever worked and began a long love affair of mine to really enjoy getting dirty and LOVE what I do.

The venue was so low-key that all the guests really got a chance to enjoy the day. No muss, no fuss. The food was good, the vendors were great to work with and, best of all, the clients absolutely LOVED their day.

Getting dirty and sticking to a “fun” schedule that you get to pick for yourself, will result in the most fun day for YOU. My clients had a blast, were laughing the whole time while doing activities like archery and boating, and ended the night on the dance floor with their loved ones.

Lesson Learned: march to the beat of your own drum – go ahead and shoot some arrows the morning before you tie the knot.

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