Nuptial Nest Lesson 14 – Man’s Best Friend

Nuptial Nest Lesson 14 – Man’s Best Friends

We love our furry playmates so deeply – they are part of our family. Therefore, they should be a large part of one of the most special days of your life – your wedding day.

Getting a handle on the furbabies is the tricky bit. I’ve had my fair share of wrangling pets during the getting-ready phase, photos, and (the cutest part) ceremonies. No matter where you want to include your special friend, the most important part is to make sure they’re safe and comfortable.


  • Make sure that there is plenty of water available nearby, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding in the summertime. Treats help too!
  • Ask an animal loving friend or family member to be the official “pet wrangler.” You can also ask your wedding planner/coordinator and their assistants but be advised that they’ll be busy taking care of so much else on the wedding day, and we want your pet to be a priority!
  • Don’t have any expectations! They may cooperate, they may not.
  • Ask your wedding planner to have some stain removal handy in case we have some muddy paws end up on the attire. Don’t worry – it’ll all come out!
  • Be sure to inform your wedding planning team and family that the furbabies will be part of the wedding so they can plan and quote you accordingly.

Lesson Learned: be prepped on all aspects when including any furry family members on the wedding day! It is so memorable and so fun. As an animal lover myself, I miiight forego all my responsibilities and just play with the pets. Just kidding, I would NEVER!

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