Nuptial Nest Lesson 15 – Weather Service Announcement

Nuptial Nest #15 – Weather Service Announcement

There are countless phrases and quotes that can pertain to today’s blog post topic.

“Man plans, God laughs.”

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…”

When planning a wedding, we try our best to mitigate all the aspects of the day that we can control. Timeline, strategy, budget, tips, seamless transitions. One thing that we honestly cannot control is the weather (try as we might).

Any good wedding plan has a super solid, super attainable rain plan created alongside “ideal day situation”. Some clients prefer to do the whole shindig indoors to avoid any kind of rain situation. Other clients love the idea of an outdoor affair, and even if it is raining, refuse to create any kind of rain plan.

Having a contingency just in case of inclement weather is paramount, no matter what date, day, time you are hosting your wedding!

I had that exact situation with clients in the past. We had a rain plan, but it was barely drizzling and clients decided to have their wedding outdoors, come hail (literally) or high water. And guess what – we did it. And the photos were incredible.

Lesson Learned: Always have a rain plan, even if you decide to scrap the rain plan and go with your gut into the storm.

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