The Best Training Program

The Best Training Program

So many of my clients ask me, “what’s the best kind of workout that I can do to get in shape?” Is it Pilates? Is it High Intensity Interval Training? Cardio? Cycling? Hiking? Weight Training? Swimming? Doing Bear Crawls all over Central Park?

Such a loaded question, with a quick answer: the workout that you WILL do CONSISTENTLY is the best program for you.

Consistency is paramount to seeing results in the gym. I also think there’s a lesson to be learned here – consistency is paramount to seeing results in life, in general. We need consistency in our work, relationships (both family and friendships), and nutrition to see lasting changes, results, and to progress forward.

As I mused about previously, art really does imitate life.

The truth is – if you’re brand new to working out, if you don’t have a super specific goal such as “do 25 pushups nonstop” or “squat X weight,” almost any training program will benefit you in some way.

Now, get into the gym, and just begin. Not sure where? Shameless plug – hit me up (contact info all over this site).

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