Wedding Tip – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Wedding days are very, very long. Yes if you’re a guest, but especially if you’re part of the bridal party. Often, hair and makeup start before 9am, photos begin around noon, and you’re expected to keep yourself together, smiling, and energized until the last song is played in the evening.

This day is a marathon, not a sprint. One thing I often see being overlooked is making sure the bridal party and family is nourished all throughout the day! We can’t expect everyone to keep it together, unfed (maybe only having some alcohol in their system) until cocktail hour at around 6pm. So, make sure to get arrangements for some food ahead of time! How, you ask?

  • Order in from a local restaurant and have it delivered
  • Have a willing family member (that is NOT part of your bridal party) pick up/ provide food
  • If you’re getting ready at the catering hall, ask them to provide a brunch with their offerings that day – many restaurants, venues, or country clubs/golf clubs are more than  happy to assist
  • Delegate a bridal party member as your “nutrition counsel” – ask them to see that you and everyone else has a bite of food!

Make sure to eat a little, stay incredibly well hydrated (more on that later), and soak in all the love and magic that day. Happy Wedding!

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