Delegate, delegate, delegate!

So, who holds what? Where does everyone go? What happens if you need to use the restroom?

One of the BIGGEST tasks you’ll need to do for your wedding day is DELEGATE. You’re only two people, and you’re important and shouldn’t be doing literally all the tiny, bitty things. Here are some minor details to delegate to your close circle:

  • Someone to bring in food/drinks (water too!) to the bridal party suites while getting ready – we can’t have anyone getting hangry!
  • Someone to hold the rings (usually the Best Man/Best Woman) – NOTE: Please don’t let your ring bearers carry the real rings! Give them an empty box or a pillow with very fake bands
  • Someone in charge of the marriage license – it will need to be signed by the couple, 2 witnesses, and the officiant. AND PENS!
  • Someone to handle final vendor payments
  • Someone to in charge of “bridal party hydration”- we like to make sure our entire bridal party is well hydrated, especially when there is lots of drinking & dancing involved!
  • Someone in charge of personals – keys (especially to the hotel room the night of the wedding), phones, credit cards, IDs, lip products for touchups
  • A bridal party member in charge of “looks” – straighten up boutonnieres, dress imperfections, hairs in place, ties/bowties, pocket squares
  • Someone in charge of your bouquet – this person will keep an eye on your flowers if you put them down to sign the marriage license, use the restroom, chat with Aunt Beth and Uncle Drew (if anyone reading this has both an Aunt Beth and Uncle Drew, please let me know ASAP).
  • Most importantly, have someone there to take the important stuff home at the end of the night! (ahem, gifts)

Alternative: if this gets to be too much, hire a wedding planner/coordinator to do all of the above for you, and then some! Another shameless plug 😊

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