If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m Ani. Hi! I love all things organization & planning, fitness, and food. In my personal life, I enjoy reading fiction novels, skiing, ice skating, picnics, a good tequila (key word: good), traveling with my husband, and my Maltese named Fred. They’ll be featured in my Instagram intermittently.

Weddings & Wellness are my passions…

… although they weren’t always. It truly started when my wonderful husband proposed to me back in 2013. I’ve always been somewhat active: dancing, skiing, and ice skating all throughout high school. However; working out, healthful eating, and nutrition were never top-of-mind.

Then, husband proposes and BAM! I’m sent into a tailspin of “losing weight for the wedding” and “quickly drop lbs” all while thinking, “this type of information and advertising cannot possibly be healthy.”

Fast-forward to the wedding day. I definitely felt a lack of customer service and attention to detail by professionals I hired. From then on, with past experience in both Corporate and Charity Event Planning, I wanted to fill a niche that I felt was underserved.

This all made me want to focus on BOTH aspects of my passion! Plan a wedding, plan a workout, plan a wellness routine, plan to make your life as insanely awesome as you dare, all while laughing along the way. Let’s do this.

Pieces of paper I’ve proudly earned

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

ULC Ordained Minister

IIN Certified Health Coach

Certified Adult & Child CPR

My Health Philosophy

True wellness comes down to the basics – sleep, hydration, stress reduction, and a good community to laugh with. Each person is so biochemically different, that different things will work for different people. There is no recipe for wellness that fits all homo sapiens – thank goodness for that!

Pasta and wine at dinner with best friends? Absolutely. Kale salad for lunch on a Wednesday in the park? Yes, please! Intermittent fasting? If it works for you, why not? Kombucha? Bottoms up! All while never saying no to my mom’s homemade baklava.

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