Filling Start to Your Day

These are a few of my favorite breakfasts! Anyone else grow up in the 90s hearing that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day”? A bit contradictory, since we were all eating sugar-laden processed cereals, toaster brekkies that resembled cake with frosting, and enough sugar-water (read: “fruit” juice) to battle bottles of soda.Continue reading “Filling Start to Your Day”

Blender Pancakes & Waffles

Banana-Egg-Oat Pancakes & Waffles! My general rule of thumb when cooking healthfully is – where can I shove more superfoods, greens, lean proteins into my regularly scheduled programed meals to make my life as easy and delicious as possible? I love recipes where I can add in superfoods, seeds, and protein powders. This recipe canContinue reading “Blender Pancakes & Waffles”

Consistently Creating Habits

Consistently Building that Routine A recurring theme that I’ve been noticing in life lately is the theme of consistency, rituals, and habits. Gabe (the husband) and I were chatting late one evening, and I was commenting on how my body’s been changing recently just from my consistency at the gym. I haven’t been reinventing theContinue reading “Consistently Creating Habits”

Seed Cycling: Supporting Menstrual Health through Diet

Seed Cycling: Supporting Menstrual Health through Diet Seed Cycling and Managing Women’s Hormones There are loads of ways to maintain and to better hormone health with food. One of my favorite ways to do so is with seed cycling. Seed cycling is an alternative way to help regulate hormone health for menstruating humans. Different seedsContinue reading “Seed Cycling: Supporting Menstrual Health through Diet”

The link between Wellness and Weddings

The link between Wellness and Weddings Why the combination of both wedding planning and wellness? Excellent question, truly. Upon first glance, it might not make much sense. But it does to me. I have several different ideas and answers to that question: Passion(s). I have a deep passion for helping people, and a deep knackContinue reading “The link between Wellness and Weddings”

My Basics for a Healthy Lifestyle

My Basics for a Healthy Lifestyle Low-carb. No carb. Vegan. High-carb Vegan. High fat Vegan. Meat only. Organic. Non-GMO. Macrobiotic. Keto. Paleo. There is enough information out there to make your head absolutely spin off your neck. If you’re confused, I hear you. I am also confused and I get bogged down in the details.Continue reading “My Basics for a Healthy Lifestyle”