National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach

Individual Personal Training

Customized, personalized fitness training programs, specializing in increasing mobility, stabilization, and focused endurance training. Available for 3, 6, and 12 month training programs. Available in-person or virtually, no equipment necessary!

Individual Health Coaching

Do you have a health or wellness goal that you’d like to reach as soon as possible? Holistic approach to whole-body wellness to target specific goals, creating achievable and sustainable wellness results. Can be booked in conjunction with personal training, or separately!

Group Training

Group training and classes available for those that want to train with friends. Available as ad hoc basis, and as 3, 6 and 12 month training programs. Available in-person or virtually, no equipment necessary! Great option as an add-on to Individual or Group Health Coaching.

Group Health Coaching

A great option for individuals who want to join in a group setting, offering higher levels of accountability and comraderie. Similarly structured to Individual Health Coaching, to reap similar benefits while enjoying social support.


Let’s Chat Posture

Let’s chat posture. I am constantly checking in, working on improving, and evaluating my posture. With better posture, we can begin to breath more easily…
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Blender Pancakes & Waffles

Banana-Egg-Oat Pancakes & Waffles! My general rule of thumb when cooking healthfully is – where can I shove more superfoods, greens, lean proteins into my…
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Consistently Creating Habits

Consistently Building that Routine A recurring theme that I’ve been noticing in life lately is the theme of consistency, rituals, and habits. Gabe (the husband)…
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